• Hao Xiang

    Front of House

    We're not sure how Haoxiang sleeps at night with this much caffeine in his life. With at least a decade of experience under his belt with coffee (did we mention that he is also a CQI Q and R Grader?), Hao Xiang is more than qualified to be our director of coffee

  • Yi Jie

    Business Development

    Nothing escapes Yijie's eagle eyes. Not a misplaced cup, not a slightly tilted cash register. With years of experience running multiple brands, Yijie ensures that everything at Coexist runs smoothly and on time.

  • Nicholas

    Back of House

    With a belly full of food, and a head full of recipes, It's a wonder how Nicholas still fits in his pants. Coexist isn't his first run at a food establishment, so he definitely knows what he's doing.