Coexist Coffee Co. started out in June 2021, serving self-roasted coffee and Modern Singaporean Cuisine at the rooftop of an old industrial building at Hillview.

Our belief is to create a community where everyone can be coexist through a cup of coffee. Sharing joy and laughter over a casual meal.

In the end of 2022, we took our first step out from where we are, into the heart of entertainment district. We opened our second outlet at Keong Saik St, with Cobalt Blue & Timber theme. Made a twist with what we had been doing, started a coffee bar concept, cafe in the morning, bar in the night. Unfortunately, the journey didn't end as we expected and our Keong Saik outlet closed down not far after.

In March 2023, we continue our journey and we arrive at the destination of fate, Paya Lebar. We launched our flagship store at Lifelong Learning Institute building. With the 360° half bar half micro-roasters concept, you can have a full view in both baristas and roasters in action.

With the same core belief, we are not just connect people with food & drinks anymore. We started co-roasting where people can rent our roasters to roast their own beans; coffee academy where we share our coffee knowledge to the people through workshops and classes.

The journey never ends, and we continue to strive on how we can create a stronger bond between humans, create a community where everyone coexists.




We're not sure how Hao Xiang sleeps at night with this much caffeine in his life.

With at least a decade of experience under his belt with coffee (did we mention that he is also a CQI Q and R Grader?), Hao Xiang is more than qualified to be our director of coffee.



Always the person to look for at the outlet! Dedicated his everything to coffee and the upmost service.

If you got any confusion during your visit, don't hesitate to tell our staff you are looking for our “荣哥 — Róng Gē”!



"Don't judge a book by its cover." - This is the best description of Shane. Double-sleeve tattoos with expertly skilled hands that cater to the guests!

Can you believe the Mille Crêpes are created by him?!



Meet Kopi, used to be our senior barista making kopi for the customers; Now the marketing lead that you will be look for if you are seeking for workshops, events, collaboration etc.

(He is also the man behind-the-scene for all the design works and photos you see on our social medias!!)